Padded Designer Motorcycle Sunglasses with High Impact and Scratch Resistance

Our designer padded motorbike sunglasses are designed with safety, comfort and style in mind and our lenses give a 400 UVA/UVB sun block as well as being scratch and highly impact resistant.

Choosing Your New Sunglasses

The frame features a castellated foam, anti fog infill which seals around your eyes when riding with full face, open face or visor up, meaning no more tears, flies or grit in your eyes

They are good for all sports where speed and wind in the face is a problem. The lens features a fully vented anti-fog system. Air is circulated behind the lens when riding using a gentle venturi action as opposed to whistling around your eyeballs like standing in the middle of field in November.

The end of the arm features a dampening foam pad for comfort. This cushions the points where the ends press against the head whilst worn under a helmet and the same ends have a slight hooking action which locks into the padding in your helmet to keep them in place to prevent them sliding forward.

All glasses come protected in their own storage pouch.

Click here >>> to see a funky spinaround image display of the CL002 style glasses. (left click and drag around to turn it)